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    Licensed & Insured Home Improvement Contractor

Euro Pro Design provides shower doors come in various styles, each offering different aesthetic and functional benefits. Here’s a detailed explanation of frameless, semi-frameless, and framed shower doors we can install for your New Canaan area home:

Frameless Shower Doors in New Canaan, CT

Frameless shower doors are made from thick tempered glass and do not have a metal frame around the edges. Instead, they use minimal hardware such as clips, hinges, and handles to secure the glass panels.


  • Sleek and Modern Look: Frameless doors provide a clean, contemporary aesthetic.
  • Easier to Clean: Without a frame, there are fewer places for soap scum and water to accumulate.
  • Illusion of Space: The clear, unobstructed view makes the bathroom appear larger and more open.


  • Cost: Typically more expensive due to the thicker glass and specialized hardware.
  • Installation: Requires precise installation to ensure stability and prevent leaks.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors in New Canaan, CT

Semi-frameless shower doors have a frame around some parts of the structure but leave the door itself without a frame or with minimal framing. For example, the sides and top might have metal framing, but the door edge itself is frameless.


  • Balanced Aesthetic: Offers a mix of modern and traditional looks.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally less expensive than fully frameless doors.
  • Stability: The partial frame provides additional support and structure.


  • Maintenance: There is still some frame that may need cleaning, although less than a fully framed door.
  • Installation Flexibility: Can be easier to install than frameless doors due to the additional structural support from the frame.

Framed Shower Doors in New Canaan, CT

Framed shower doors are fully enclosed with a metal frame around all edges of the glass panels. The frame provides maximum support and stability.


  • Durability: The frame adds strength and stability to the glass, making it less likely to break or crack.
  • Cost: Usually the most affordable option.
  • Variety: Available in many styles and finishes to match various bathroom decors.


  • Cleaning: The frame can accumulate soap scum and mineral deposits, making it harder to clean.
  • Aesthetics: The frame can create a more segmented look, which may not appeal to those seeking a modern, seamless appearance.


  • Frameless Shower Doors: Best for a modern, open look; higher cost and requires precise installation.
  • Semi-Frameless Shower Doors: A middle ground between modern and traditional; moderately priced with partial framing.
  • Framed Shower Doors: Most affordable and durable; traditional look with more maintenance required for cleaning.

Choosing the right type depends on your budget, style preference, and maintenance willingness. Euro Pro Design has decades of expertise in handling glass and shower door installations, ensuring that the final product is both functional and visually appealing. You can contact us today at (718) 753-4163 to schedule a quick no-cost quote! You can click the following link to view our 5-star Google Reviews.