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    Licensed & Insured Home Improvement Contractor

Shower Doors & Enclosures Installation & Replacement | Wilton, CT

Euro Pro Design provides shower doors and enclosures installation and replacement services in Wilton, CT and surrounding towns of Fairfield County. We specialize in the installation, replacement, and customization of shower doors and enclosures in residential and commercial settings. Here’s an overview of what these services entail:

  1. Consultation and Assessment: The process begins with a no-cost consultation where the client discusses their needs, preferences, and budget with our installation professionals. We also assess the existing shower space to determine the best options for installation or replacement.
  2. Selection of Doors and Enclosures: There are various types and styles of shower doors and enclosures available, including framed, frameless, sliding, hinged, pivot, and bi-fold doors, as well as fully enclosed shower stalls and walk-in enclosures. We assist the client in selecting the most suitable option based on their preferences, space constraints, and budget.
  3. Measurement and Customization: For custom installations or replacements, precise measurements of the shower space are taken to ensure a perfect fit. If customizations are required, such as special glass finishes, hardware options, or unique configurations, the installation professionals work with the client to accommodate their preferences.
  4. Removal (if necessary): If replacing existing shower doors or enclosures, we may need to remove the old fixtures first. This process involves careful dismantling and disposal of the old doors and hardware.
  5. Installation: We then proceeds with installing the new shower doors or enclosures according to the specifications and measurements taken. This includes attaching the doors or panels to the walls or existing shower structure, installing any necessary hardware such as hinges or handles, and ensuring a proper fit and seal.
  6. Sealing and Finishing: Once the installation is complete, we apply sealant and caulking around the edges of the doors or panels to provide a watertight seal and prevent leaks. We may also clean and polish the glass to ensure clarity and shine.
  7. Final Inspection: After installation, we conducts a final inspection to ensure that the doors or enclosures are installed correctly, function properly, and meet quality standards. They may also provide instructions on proper care and maintenance to prolong the life of the fixtures.

Serving Wilton, CT, shower doors and enclosures installation and replacement services by Euro Pro Design offer a convenient and professional solution for upgrading and customizing shower spaces to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of bathrooms.  If you are searching for the Best Shower Doors & Enclosures Installation contractors near me, you can contact Euro Pro Designs today at (718) 753-4163 to schedule a quick no-cost quote! You can click the following link to view our 5-star Google Reviews.